It’s been a long long time….

It was not our fault, really…Annie’s old computer did a very good impression of rolling over with it’s legs in the air and as we were on the road at the time it was not replaced for quite awhile…..then the … Continue reading

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I have survived….

I have survived my 1st Christmas with Connor and Annie!

Connor did warn me as Christmas approached that Annie does go a bit odd at this time of year…..he was not wrong.

 ‘ hey, you up there, we got 1 of your reindeer here, he must have fallen out of his harness…’

‘ Connor, how long does this go on for…?’


Hats, baby bibs, photos in the night in peoples front gardens, sometimes peoples we don’t even know…..I think Connor was being kind….

Just before all this madness that peoples call the silly season (for good reason) we packed up all our belongings and de-camped to Inverleigh to spend quality time with my adopted family, Beau, Phoebe and Shari, we were Whippet sitting with them all over Christmas and New Years, it was wonderfull! We boys all slept on the ginourmous bed with Annie, we all get on so well, I love my Uncle Beau!

There was a big nasty bush fire down the coast a bit and we did have some horrible very hot days but overall, it was wonderfull!

Then we wandered down to a place called Hamilton so as Annie could go and convince that silly Government Department to give her a job, she said it went well, but that was a week ago and she has not heard anything yet…..we quite liked Hamilton but not many people kennels we could afford,  there were however a few  nice cottages in Penshurst and another in Coleraine…as the job is only part time Annie thought that would be do-able to drive in twice a week……but still no word, mind you we are camped at a lovely place with no internet connection ….as we are so often are.

Once all that was over we headed for Tamworth for the Country Music Festival, Connor has been before but I had not so it was all new to me…1st stop was a little place called Girgarre where there were a whole lot of people having the Moosic Muster….’Moosic’ because this area is very much Dairy cow country! We met some other solo travellers  and their dogs there and camped  with them for 3 nights before heading north, it was getting very hot now and we only got as far as a quaint little old town where we camped at the showgrounds, it was very quiet and we had the whole showgrounds to run on in the morning, all to ourselves!

Next day off to Wagga Wagga for 2 nights at Wilks Park, then towards Cowra…it was very hot and we stopped a couple of times on the way in order for us all to cool down under sprinklers in the parks in towns along the way, it worked well and we managed not to cook.

Our overnight in Cowra was a noisy one so we de-camped to Gooloogong, another olde worlde country town where there is a lovely little camp right in the town, a pub, a small shop and nothing much else…we stayed for 2 nights then headed up for 1 night at Gulgong Showgrounds, from there to Premer with a storm brewing and horrible humidity, spent 3 nights in Premer then we drove on to Tamworth really early so as to not have to wait in a big long line for our camp.

Connor and me at one of the nightly free concerts at the big park, we sit well back as lots of people take their kids and just let them run riot, the first night a rude kid trod on Connor’s paw and made him yelp, he did not even stop to see if Connor was ok….nasty kid.

look what we found, we thought maybe we could buy this truck as the number plates were just right, but Nathan, who owns it, thought they were just right too – he is a whip maker and ‘cracker’ and has a show…

…and then it rained and rained and rained, it was a bit chilly too…naturally we were out for a walk when this happened and we got drownded.

At Tamworth we got a horse and dog sit for 10 days at a place called Dundee, further north, we had a couple of nights in Armidale, then on to Glen Innes and then to our farm sit. After that we went to Tenterfield to see if we could find a Saddler, no luck he was not there but we saw his shop….closed all but 2 days a week due to  a lack of volunteers….we loved Tenterfield and if we had won Tatts that week I think we would have bought one of several houses for sale at the ‘low end’ of the market straight away…!

On the way South again we spent 4 nights at Deepwater Inn, another place we really liked a lot, so friendly, the old Inn is great, the camping out back is fun especially when the horses come to visit…


This is our friend Duchess, she is 4 months old and loved to visit us, one morning she even poked her head in the motorhome door and if Annie had not been there we think she may have tried to get in….she liked our ‘horse box’ as she referred to our House on Wheels.

In future most of our blog entries will be on Annie’s Facebook page, however we Whippets will try and keep short updates going here once a month or so….we think we should have a Facebook page of our own, we actually don’t know if our new computer will let us do our blog, Annie may have forgotten the user/passwords….

woof for now, Ciaran and Connor

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praktising my blogging

Wuff, Connor is letting me, Ciaran, try to do a blog today, he sez I have to lern to spel better tho. I kind of like the red lines under the words ….. pretty….I’ll just see if I can make them go away….yep, all gone, it’s magic.

Now if things don’t seem to just flow on from the last blog it is because we seem to have lost one some place…..anyway we have just been quietly doing our Whippety things, as we do….we had a day out at Kyneton, I thought I would see my 1st Mum there but she didn’t come, she forgot me…..Annie said 1st Mum had just got too much to do and I forgived her.

This week we did not get a really long run on Sunday coz Annie went out with Connor’s 1st Mum (my Aunty Karen) and they went to see some very old stuff from Rusha, they belonged to Catherine The Great and they had a lovely time looking at all the stuff, Connor and I had a lazy day but we did not mind too much, as it was that sort of a day.

Today I think the Grinch has been around,  but instead of stealing Christmas he stole summer, it has been rather chilly, Connor is under the quilt and I am cuddled up on Annie’s lap while I am blogging, as I didn’t really know what ‘blogging’ was I thought that would be the safest place to be – in case it  turned out to be a bit scary, you know.

Annie has been feeling happy because some people are at last reading her paper on homelessness as it affects older women and making good positive noises about it, she hopes someone will give it a try now, there was another lady on the radio today talking about the subject, it is not going to go away so hopefully it will all meet up in the middle and our Annie’s ideas will change things a bit.

Tomorrow is a work day – Vinnies are starting to get all the donations for Christmas, or more to the point the donations of the stuff people got last year and didn’t use/like/want, it’s coming in thick and fast……..I just cannot understand why everyone doesn’t just buy each other a Whippet……great gift any size fits all, comes in all colours, warmth, love, licks , fun and companionship guaranteed! Job done, Christmas sorted!!

My half brothers and sisters are starting to go to their new homes…I wonder if I will ever get to puppy sit them? That would be fun!

Well that was my first blog, I cannot think of anything else to wuff about. 

Wuff Wuff, Ciaran


Annie has TREATS……..Connor is trying to look inscrutable…like a Chinese dog or something…..i told him they eat dogs in some of those countries…..just so as he would take that silly look off his face!

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been awhile, I have been lacking in wizz…

Woof woof, I am still here, just that I have been lacking in enthusiasm a bit…sort of lacking in wizz….

But on the positive side, I have to say that I do love having Ciaran as my  little brother. He has settled in really well, he is a good little mate and I cannot imagine life without him now!

Look, here we are climbing my puppy climbing tree together…!

We are looking after the Cats of Drysdale again so I have been enjoying showing Ciaran all the lovely walks down here, not much coffee shopping going on tho’ too wet and cold to sit outside…’bout time they had cosy little corners inside for us I think!

We did enjoy one coffee shop experience at Port Arlington last week though, vanilla slice to roll over and play dead for! and we met 2 adorable Aussie Terrier little girls, just 10 weeks old….they were so sweet and pretty!

My 1st mum is coming to visit tomorrow, for lunch so Annie has to go shopping now to get the yummies to make the lunch….she does not trust us to use the computer when she is not home in case we go looking at naughty internet sites…..catch you in a little while…

First Mum came on Monday, it was so exciting to see her again, she didn’t bring Mummy Phoebe, or sis Shari or Uncle Beau but I could smell them on her hands and shoes……the two human Mum’s had a yummy lunch then we went for a ride in First Mum’s car and went to the beach!


                   Here we are looking for Hobbits!


            and here we are watching Mummy Annie

                          carefully, she has TREATS!

We were going to go and visit  Willow and Nova when we had finished looking after the cats but Mummy Annie had to go back to Altona North Vinnies as she had an interview, Ciaran has a whole pack of baby half brothers and sisters and we were really looking forward to meeting them.(….maybe we will find a way to get there before they all go to their new homes)

I have decided that I had better get young Ciaran learned up on writing the blog….

That is all for now, woof woof!

Connor and Ciaran

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I am a sad Connor

I have lost a special friend…..Tim , the previous owner of our ‘house on wheels’ was a great little mate  that Clancy and I felt we had known for far longer than we really did….you see his presence was all around our house on wheels from the moment that we first entered.

Then a while later we actually met him and he was great fun, he showed us his new H.on W. and played with us (me and Clancy) in the paddock out behind the Dover pub…..I showed him and a couple of other motor homing dogs how to play the ‘race game’…..we met again near Castlemaine and again last year in Altona……and now he has gone to play with Clancy…..and I am sad ….’coz my friends seem to be going away to the place they call the Rainbow Bridge…..I will make sure I look after Ciaran and my Annie really well….

Bye Bye Tim


here we all are with Auntie Laurie, and here is Tim at his door to greet us…..


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Winter is upon us and getting out of bed has become difficult..

It is July already, the colder weather is well and truly set in, the evening walk has to take place in the late afternoon so as we can get it done before dark…Ciaran does not like walking in the dark, all the headlights and shadows scare him.

Little ‘bro is still making good progress in the brave department though and is so much fun to have around, he plays great chase games with me and has nearly learnt how to play the Race game too!

We got a nice package from Auntie Sue in Darwin….she made Ciaran a patch like I have and like Clancy and Carlin had too, it looks just like Ciaran and Annie liked it so much she sewed it straight on to her blue vest!  Auntie Sue also sent us 2 new coffee shop leads.

 Ciaran’s patch

Over the last couple of weeks when we have been walking we have been ‘wooed’ at, as only a Mallymute can…at first  I thought maybe Loki had come to deliver Ciaran’s patch  himself….but no, it was a Loki look alike, travelling in a car……this morning at the park the very same dog was there, he is a BIG Malamute, even by Malamute standards, his head came right up to Annie’s waist and he was solid too…..but he was very laid back and did not get cross when I woofed at him, I was just asking him if he knew Loki and Freya…he did not get cross with Ciaran running in circles around him either, he did try to steal our ball but Annie got it first!

We had quite a nice little play and woof together before he had to go….he is quite ball obsessed and as he and his Dad (human) walked away he noticed the local Indian Cricket team playing and ambled over and sat in the middle of the wicket waiting for them to throw the ball again…..the cricket players did not know what to do and it was clear our friend was not going too budge until a ball was thrown so in the end his person had to go and put him on a lead and ‘heel’/’drag’ him away…..

After that we enjoyed a longer walk around the park and home for breakfast…late mind  you, then a good long snooze…..

a snooze, after a late breakfast, is required, one of the rather good things about Sundays we think!

This evening we watched a DVD, well actually Annie watches them and we sit each side of her with our heads on her knees…..usually there are sweets or other treats but not tonight….she watched The Water Diviner and thought it rather good……

It has become even colder, if left to our own devices we would not bother getting up at all, it is so warm and snuggly in bed under the quilt….

I must start teaching Ciaran how to do the blog……

Woof you again soon

Connor and Ciaran

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Yes Darlings, we are down on The Peninsular again…

We are keeping Nova, Willow and little Indi company and feeding the crinkly cats, but they have all moved further along around the bay to just past Dromana so we have had to find some new walks…..we found one this afternoon, a sort of harbour complete with big boats but we could not work out how the boats got to be there as it seemed to be land locked, we are going back  to see where all the water and yachts come from…

The coffee shops seem to be a bit thinner on the ground up this end but Annie said she would take us along back to McRae again whilst we are here.

We came over via the ferry boat from Queenscliff, it was a bit bumpy but none of us were actually sick. There was another Sunliner motorhome behind us, a new Twist and very smart it was too, the owners also had 2 dogs so it just goes to show, Sunliner should design motorhomes for dogs!

Young Ciaran (the Whippet formerly known as Dream) is getting braver almost every outing, on the way here we stayed overnight at Auntie Rosie’s house and Annie took us straight in and not only was David at home but so was a friend of his with exceedingly good taste, in that he has a lovely young lady Whippet called Betty, Ciaran said ‘hallo’ to everyone without batting an eyelid, the next night we spent at my families’ house at Inverleigh and Ciaran met all my family (except for my 1st human Dad as he  was away for work) again Ciaran got on really well with everyone, I was so happy as it would have been a disaster if he hadn’t of liked my family, they are mine and Annie’s favourite peoples.

When we got down here  on the Peninsular Ciaran was fine with Auntie Kerryn and Nova, Willow and Indi, he was a bit scared of  Reggie at first but he soon got over that too! The boy has potential we feel, he has learnt to sit automatically for treats and meals now and he does really really good recalls!


here I am with Ciaran walking on the Levee at Kerang and we are sharing the good smells we find!

It is so nice to have a little ‘bro to have a run and just hang out with!

At first Ciaran thought he might like to be called ‘The Whippet formerly known as Dreamer’ sort of like Prince….then he thought he might like to have a squiggly sign as a name, also like Prince, but I explained to him that if he did that Annie would not be able to call him for dinner or cuddles….he changed his mind really quickly then I can tell you!  He learnt his new name Ciaran very quickly and although he is not Irish (although at times I do wonder..) it seems to suit him.

  Ciaran chilling out in his kennel on wheels.

 Both of us trying to work out how the water and the big boats got into Hidden Harbour……

Woof woof, Connor and Ciaran

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